The website has been live for a week! I haven’t made too many changes to it, but there are some exciting things in the works that I should get live soon.

Purchase Options

I’m currently working on the storefront elements of the website and should be able to sell scores and parts soon. For the larger concert band works, scores will be available in printed and bound 18×11 versions, either separately or bundled with sets of letter-sized parts. I’m still working on the printing and shipping so it may be another week before I have everything ready to go.

Wispy Dragon for Flex Band

Shortly I’ll have up another page for Wispy Dragon, but as a Flex Band piece! With the COVID-19 Pandemic, there’s been a push towards publishing pieces for smaller, adaptable ensembles. This mostly means stripping down full-size concert works to between four and six parts, plus percussion. In this case, Wispy Dragon will be available in SSATB + Optional Drumset. I’ll eventually publish it as a stand-alone piece for Wind Quintet, since the SSATB voicing fits that ensemble, and the piece’s nature and texture lends itself very well for it.

A New Work for Early Band

I’ve been working on sketching out a new piece for Early Band, around grade 0.5-1, which will be written largely in the same SSATB + Percussion style as Wispy Flex. Keep an eye out for it!