Murmuring Bosk

For Banjo and Marimba

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Performance Time: Approx. 4′ 15″

“During a pleasant walk in the woods, you come across an idyllic clearing. As the leaves and branches rustle in the gentle breeze, it feels like the trees themselves are chattering and gossiping about you being there. When the wind picks up and dark clouds roll overhead, an argument breaks out and leads to new conversation. Eventually, the trees remember you’re there and shyly go back to their quiet murmurs.”

Murmuring Bosk was written in 2015 because I wanted to write a quirky little tune that took advantage of the Banjo and Marimba both being able to play back-up lines just as well as leads. Inspired by a track in a game I was playing at the time, I settled on using some kind of bluesy chords on the banjo and began to shape the piece around that. The end result is a kind of jazz-y, kind of video game-y, kind of Fleck-ian piece that I’ve grown quite fond of.

Murmuring Bosk was originally premiered at UNCG in 2015, then re-edited and recorded for release in 2021.


5-String Banjo (Scruggs Style) – Notation and Tablature included